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About us

The KOLOSEUM NUTRITION brand did not just appear out of thin air. Our products are the results of years of effort and hard work.


When we were kids we spent all our free time in the gym – we experienced it all and worked hard. When the opportunity arose to start our own gym, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. Now, you might expect some touching sentences about how difficult it was at the start; how we had to fight through complicated beginnings. But we won’t lie.rn

Orders were coming in for permanent passes before we’d even opened the “Alice” fitness centre. We set the bar pretty high: modern machines, stylish spaces, and a good capacity – there had been nothing like it in Pilsen before. We kept our promise of quality, and we’ve been packed since day one.


After a while we also took over the then decaying “Koloseum” sports centre. A decision had to be made whether to keep the original name, or to build up a new brand. During those deliberations we discovered that the name “Koloseum” had somehow grown on us. We found ourselves understanding the meaning behind it: determination, strength, total effort, and the desire for glory. We wanted our new sports centre to be akin to the famous Colosseum in Rome - a multi-sports arena in which anyone can outshine themselves and accept new challenges.

We transformed the original premises completely. The decaying sports ground became a modern centre in which anyone could find themselves. This was where we bettered ourselves and enjoyed doing so. But then we wanted to keep going and not stop; but where to next?


For a long time we craved dietary supplements that would suit us 100%. We were tired of the constant search for a lesser evil on the market. So we began making our own. Making it just for ourselves and our friends was expensive - and a bit selfish - so we soon decided to offer Koloseum Nutrition to everybody, without prejudice: to bodybuilders of 15 years like us, but also to recreational athletes and promising beginners. We put our skin in the game and we believe in ourselves.

We believe in ourselves because of our years of experience that have taught us to recognise quality. It’s not just about what a person looks like on the outside after a work-out. We know that what goes on on the inside is also important. A fatigued body is no joke. Gentle supplements with probiotics that work - and are also gluten free - that's our motto.

We are your ticket to the Colosseum. Accept the challenge!

Only natural dyes

High efficiency and quality

Made in the Czech Republic

First-class ingredients